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Does the Church use words that have lost their meaning? Are there Christian words and phrases that have lost their power to convict the human spirit and bring transformation to the world? One of the twentieth century's most renowned prophetic thinkers, A.W. Tozer, saw a dangerous trend gaining momentum even before his death---a trend that has become commonplace now in the twenty-first century. In this never-before-published book, Tozer sounds his alarm for the modern Church: We must stop parroting words carelessly, and instead allow the meaning that these words convey to empower, shape and direct the work of the Church. Yet Reclaiming Christianity is not just a warning; it is a spiritual guidebook for reconnecting to the deepest meaning of Christianity's sacred messages.

From the Back Cover

"The world usually takes the Church in before the Church takes the world in." A.W. Tozer

Until the day he died, A.W. Tozer never deviated form exhorting the Church to walk like those who truly belong to the kingdom of God. Although he never softened his censure of what he called "churchianity" built around showmanship, he believed the Church was ripe for reformation, and he longed to see its return to the Holy Spirit-filled, humble, loving fellowship that typified the Early Church.

If you have ever wondered wht the Church has little influence in the world today, and, equally, how your life could more closely reflect the powerful witness that characterized the early Christians, Tozer's flinty and uncompromising words will remind you of what is missing and challenge you to shun what is superficial so that you can walk toward authentic faith.