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The Quotable Tozer


The Quotable Tozer

A Topical Compilation of the Wisdom and Insight of A.W. Tozer

by: A.W. Tozer, James L. Snyder

A.W. Tozer's fans stretch across the world, and his message continues to resonate with today's Christians. Whether you're already a fan or looking for an introduction to his writing, this is a great way to explore his thoughts and insights.

The Quotable Tozer is organized around dozens of topics, including popular culture, the nature of God, spiritual warfare, God's Word, and the afterlife. In addition to the book's appeal to the curious Tozer fan, it is also perfect for preachers, teachers, and authors who want to include Tozer quotes in their sermons and writings. Reaching beyond the most well-known Tozer books, this volume gives readers access to the true breadth of Tozer's work and thought.