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Many Christians are familiar with the prophetic voice of Tozer, but few living today were blessed to sit under his weekly teaching from the pulpit. The Gospel of John was Tozer’s favorite book of the Bible, and the focus of these writings (adapted from sermons given to his parishioners) is the Incarnation and what it means for believers’ lives. Christ came down to earth in order to lift men and women up into the heavenlies. No other New Testament writer, not even the amazing apostle Paul, presents Christ with a passion equal to John’s, the Beloved. Tozer captures the spirit of John and presents his winsome and enthralling portrait of Christ, challenging readers to discover a fresh and overwhelming desire for Him. Readers will be captivated anew by the One we call Lord.

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"The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory..." John 1:14
In this day of soundbytes and celebrity gossip, there are far too few opportunities to pull away from the daily grind and really contemplate the deep mysteries of God. But here's such a thought: "The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us."
If John's sparsely worded (but densely packed) statement describing the incarnation of God does not press against your capacity to feel wonder and awe, then consider this: How could detiy- with no beginnning and no end- cross the gulf separating what is God from what is not God? How could the infinite ever become the finite? How could that which has no limit deliberately impose upon Himself limitations? Great is the mystery of the Incarnation.
And He Dwelt Among Us presents Dr. Tozer's voice in a unique way- as great teacher who appreciates the mystical nature of John's Gospel while keeping his feet on solid doctrinal ground. His Spirit-led explanations will help your thoughts rise to the rarefied atmosphere of adoration of the One who became flesh so that we could know Him, become his and worship Him forever.