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The Christ-Centered Church

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The church of Jesus Christ has had no greater critic than Aiden Wilson Tozer (1897-1963). Many regarded him as a prophet.

Dr. Tozer was neutral in very few issues. He never spoke or wrote unless he had a strong conviction about his subject. Anything that in any way challenged the person or authority of Christ brought Tozer to his feet. He measured everything in the church by this one criterion: does it exalt Jesus Christ? Yet Dr. Tozer also had a tremendous love for the body of Christ. He was indifferent to denominational labels: the name on the building did not mean very much, provided he found what he called "The Fellowship of the Burning Heart." Dr Tozer's stringent criticism is intended to call the church back to its original love.

A minister in the Christian & Missionary Alliance from 1919-1963, Dr Tozer wrote many books of which The Pursuit of God is most famous. Nearly half a century after his death in 1963 his books are still widely read and appreciated.