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Experiencing the Presence of God

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As a teenager and a brand-new Christian, one of my earliest and greatest discoveries was A. W. Tozer. From The Knowledge of the Holy—still my favorite nonfiction book besides the Bible—to The Pursuit of God and Born After Midnight and his other books com­piled from the editorials he wrote for The Alliance Witness maga­zine, I devoured everything Tozer wrote.

I still go back to those dog-eared pages and marvel at how Christ-centered, God-exalting and no-nonsense Tozer's words remain. What do I mean by no-nonsense? Well, reading some of today's Christian writers, I've been tempted to feel pretty good about myself. But reading Tozer is like asking for a much-needed slap in the face! There should be a sticker on the cover warning readers that they will be pierced by God's Spirit. And isn't that exactly what we need in our noisy, thrill-a-minute, whatever­feels-good-is-okay culture?

Tozer was not only a great thinker and Christ-lover but also a great writer who honed his literary skills as an editor and writer of editorials. His eclectic knowledge is remarkable, and yet his style is concise and pointed. His words flow from a higher source, out of his immersion in God's Word and his own commitment to worshiping God in everything. The result is a power that can at times leave the reader breathless, yet longing for more.

I am convinced that the evangelical Church in the Western world needs A. W. Tozer more than ever. That's why I am so grateful for this previously unpublished work Experiencing the Presence of God. What a pleasure to hear from Tozer on a subject of keen interest: God's manifest presence in the life of His peo­ple. It is a much-needed wake-up call for anyone who wants to truly worship God. It left me enriched and challenged.

Tozer is to me a mentor and an old friend. His timelessness and impact on my life is comparable to that of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Neither man has lost an ounce of his original power and anointing, which was so firmly grounded in God's Word and the ministry of His Holy Spirit in their lives.

Tozer's words feed my mind and heart, consistently point­ing me toward Christ. By rubbing shoulders with him on the pages of his books, I am led to worship God and am drawn closer to my Savior and King. There is simply no higher compli­ment I could pay an author.

I thank God for A. W. Tozer, and I look forward to sitting next to him at a banquet on the New Earth, where we will hear directly from our Redeemer. My advice until then is simple: read this book and read everything by A. W. Tozer you can get your hands on. In doing so, you will draw closer to Christ and invest in the eternity that awaits us.

Randy Alcorn
Bestselling author of Heaven,
The Treasure Principle
and Safely Home
Director, Eternal Perspective Ministries